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Psycho Geflügel bekommt den Blues: Das Debüt der RAUCOUS RED ROOSTERS ist immer noch erhältlich!

Psycho poultry gets the blues: the debut by RAUCOUS RED ROOSTERS is still available As I heard that The RAUCOUS RED ROOSTERS are about to record and release a second album, I thought it was overdue to review their self-titled debut album (Mexicanos Records/Self released). Moreover at it is really good stuff. If you havent heard of this German Three-Piece yet, it might help to mention, that bassplayer Heiner is also playing in the EVIL DALTONS, who are one of Germanys Psychobilly-Institutions, founded almost 30 years ago. For the RAUCOUS RED ROOSTERS he joined forces […]

First Album Out Now !!

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New Album out now!

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First Album!!

Coming soon ! It’s a bit like Christmas in March 😎 😉