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Psychobilly Kicks Back 2022

Psychobilly Kicks back again is a Charity Festival against Cancer. All money will go to charity, all bands play for free and Underground has lent the venue for free for this special occasion. Friday will include 1 or 2 bands and DJ’s as a pre-party, Festival Saturday and Sunday Please come down and support this event and let’s make it a success. Kick back against Cancer! You are not alone.  

28.06.2022 in Osnabrück !!

Für das grossartige Konzert von The Meteors – Osnabrück am 28.06.2022 gibt es noch Tickets lokal im Bastard (Kasse) BASTARD CLUB OSNABRÜCK , bei Shock Records (OS-Altstadt/Mi.-Sa. ab 11 Uhr) und online unter: // Support an dem Abend sind: Raucous Red Roosters BASTARD CLUB OSNABRÜCK Buersche Str.8 49074 Osnabrück Einlass 19.00h – Beginn 20.00h